Cost of SEO

Why good SEO is important?

75% of people do not look past page 1 of Google, this means if you are not appearing on this page for your keywords then your website is not in the race.

To enter this race your website needs to optimised appropriately for your competition levels.

How much should I spend on SEO?

SEO consists of two main investments, the initial setting up and ongoing monthly SEO activity.

Initial SEO Optimisation 


Getting the foundations right in the beginning should always be where you invest first.


Organic SEO is a long term investment - for your website to gain Authority, Relevance and Trust.

only £7.99


only £360

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Do not panic if any of the above sounds like jargon, as my WIX SEO Made Simple course explains how to utilise SEO to the fullest and more.

Ongoing SEO


Once your websites on page optimisation has been completed, you have the foundations to now build your websites reputation in the eyes of the search engines (Google is the one we want to impress most as its the most used)

How to building website authority?


Google wants its users to have the latest information and will choose to display websites higher in their rankings that are giving constant value that can be seen and measured by Google. This is done through create unique SEO rich word content in the form of SEO blogs and SEO videos.


SEO 'Gym' Membership


SEO actvity needs to be happening month on month, use the example of going to the gym - just signing up to be a member doesn't give you a six pack.

You have to consistently go over a period of time to get the results you desire. Results are not instant and if you workout the wrong way you could end up hurting yourself rather than improving.

Don't have time to be creating bespoke content every month?


We can take care of SEO blogging and distribution across social media channels for you with our SEO Membership Plans!


Starting £180 per month

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Want to be visible?

You can do it yourself!

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