How do you choose the right Keywords for your Business?

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If you’re not sure where to even get started in choosing the right keywords for your business, you’re not alone, so don’t worry! You could hire a Wix SEO Expert to do all the hard work for you, or if you’re keen to understand the basics for yourself, then sign up for our Wix SEO course.

However, if you’re still sitting on the fence (try not to stay there too long otherwise you might get splinters!) then keep reading as we outline in today’s blog the importance of keywords and how to choose them.

Choosing the right keywords

The great news is that there are a plethora of resources around this popular topic, and if you are serious about honing your SEO skills, then you’ll have no trouble finding guides and courses such as our own Wix SEO course that will help you master the craft. It’s not exactly black magic, but there is a little bit of wizardry involved!

Here’s our quick introduction to selecting the most appropriate keywords for SEO.

Don’t even start with keywords!

“Hang on a minute,” you’re thinking right now!

Seriously though, before you even go ahead and put on your conically shaped SEO hat, use your communication skills and talk to your customers and clients. Before you dive on in and get immersed in the world of spreadsheets and analytical tools, talk to them and understand more about what they want and how they perceive your business. The best-formed strategy begins with empathy.

Build your initial seed list

Once you understand better what your customers want, find out how that intersects with the products, services, and solutions you offer. Then, begin brainstorming around the keywords and phrases that best describe your core offerings.

Gather any existing keyword data

If you’ve already undertaken the task of preparing keywords, grab that list, and find out how well your current keywords are ranking. This research won’t replace choosing your primary brand keyword, but it could still come in useful when selecting your secondary keywords. You’ll learn more about Primary, Secondary as well as Bi-Products when you sign up for our comprehensive Wix SEO course.

Expand, group and map your keywords

Begin drilling down into your list, looking for alternate phases and common modifiers, as well as long-tail permutations for each of your keywords. Group them together in a way that’s simple and effective to review then map these keywords to actual content pages.

The trick is to keep rinsing and repeating until you clearly define your SEO strategy.

Remember, it’s not called optimisation for nothing!

If that all sounds like hard work, but you definitely feel like it’s the right time for your business to hire a Wix SEO expert, then get in touch with us today.

We’ll take the pain out of the process and ensure your Primary keyword is clearly defined along with your Secondary supporting keywords and semantic Bi-Products and phrases.

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