The Basics Of Local SEO

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In a previous blog post, we introduced the concept of Local SEO and answered the question as to why it’s so important. We’re talking higher converting leads which for any business, has to be a major priority. As a Wix SEO expert, we’re always educating our clients about the importance of WIX SEO expert. It’s one of the things that will help you achieve the holy grail of listings! One of the coveted spots on Google’s local 3-pack.

How do you get your business on Google’s Local 3-pack?

If you’re currently wondering what that even is, pop a quick search into Google now and see what pops up. We just went with restaurants in Shoreditch. Here’s exactly what we’re talking about.

It used to be the case that Google’s SERP responded to local searches such as this by polling the seven more popular businesses related to that search in the form of a snippet. This is what we used to refer to as the 7-pack and featured useful information such as an address, phone number, and a link to the business.

These days though, as browsing trends have diversified due to the increased popularity of smart devices, Google has reduced that 7-pack to a local 3-pack, in theory providing much better and more relevant user experience. It’s the sweet spot and highly coveted.

According to recent industry statistics, 44% of people who performed a local search clicked on one of the 3-pack listings with only 8% choosing to load more local results. What this confirms is that people searching local listings quickly find what they’re looking for and are satisfied with the results. Getting specific with your local SEO strategy could help you secure your spot on that coveted local 3-pack.

So how can you improve your business’ local SEO?

You could hire a Wix SEO Expert or sign up for our Wix SEO course, which is packed with useful information and top tips that you can immediately begin to implement. The most important thing to get clear is that location-based searches are predicated by having a physical address or location. This is a prerequisite if you want your business to show up in local searches. If you’ve not updated your address in all the relevant online directories, then you’ll never show up when a potential new customer uses a phrase such as “near me” or “in *locality name*” as part of their search.

The next thing you’ll want to ensure is that your NAP (by that we mean Name, Address, and Phone Number) is also consistent across all the directories you’re listed on. Any discrepancies or errors and Google is highly unlikely ever to award you local 3-pack status. Again, that’s something that we can help you with, so rather than create a headache for yourself, why not trust a Wix SEO expert to handle your strategy? There are tools that you can use to manage your online listings that avoid the hassle of having to update every directory manually, or you could leave it in the capable hands of experts.

Citations are also a fundamental part of local SEO. By that, we mean where a third party website references your business. It doesn’t need to contain a backlink; it could be as simple as a food blogger naming your restaurant as a recommended place to eat in that specific locality. Google loves this kind of highly trusted endorsement and is far more likely to bump you up to that local 3-pack status.

How can local SEO impact your business?

Simply by optimising your local SEO strategy, you can quickly and cost-effectively begin to see results. Local SEO helps potential new customers, especially visitors who are non-locals, find your business so that you can capture a new audience. It also enables you to stand apart from your competition and provides significantly better-qualified leads, yielding much higher conversion rates. Remember that the more information you have listed about your business, the more trustworthy you are going to look, which lays a much stronger foundation for success.

Now that you’ve started to get the picture about how to better manage your online presence, why not consider speaking to a Wix SEO expert to help you increase your organic rankings? Get in touch with us today and see how our experts can help your business grow.

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