The importance of Keyword Research when creating an effective SEO strategy

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Do not underestimate the importance of keywords for SEO. As a Wix SEO Expert, it’s one of the key takeaways that comes from any research and work we do with new clients. Keywords are and will always be relevant.

In case you thought that all the changes Google have made over recent years to the way its algorithms work may have affected the importance of keywords, you’d be wrong! They still reign supreme and absolutely must form a part of your overall strategy.

You can hire a Wix SEO expert to put you on the right track or even sign up for our latest Wix SEO course. It’s packed with practical and actionable information that will help you understand and select the primary keywords required to optimise your website. Keep reading on as we outline in this blog just why keywords are important.

What are SEO Keywords?

In a nutshell, these can be either singular words or complex phrases woven into your website copy that serve to attract organic, highly relevant search traffic. Once you get clear on what those targeted SEO keywords are for your brand, they should be used to inspire all your on-page website content.

Keywords are primarily typed (or maybe spoken) by a searcher into the search bar, so they need to be natural and authentic. With targeted and precise research, the keywords you decide upon can act as a powerful conduit, attracting highly targeted traffic.

But I thought Keywords we’re dead!

This might well be a phrase bandied around, and it’s true there have been several developments in the world of SEO that have brought this argument to the foreground.

It used to be that keywords were easily accessible in Google Analytics and other popular analytics platforms. That is until Google quietly started to return that all too familiar phrase “(not provided).” This left many people feeling like they were blindsided, but rather than keywords being, in fact, dead, all that had happened was that visibility to them had been reduced. That’s why hiring a highly professional and knowledgeable Wix SEO Export is more crucial than ever before.

Our takeaway here is that keywords aren’t dead, but the old way of tracking them is.

If you want to understand more about the tools you need to use to carry out your keyword research, then sign up for our Wix SEO course or get in touch for more information. Several platforms provide invaluable access to both search volumes and forecasts.

Google’s rebuilt algorithm

When Google rebuilt it’s algorithm in 2013 and then again in 2015, introducing AI-driven ranking by using first Hummingbird and then RankBrain, Google began to use keywords as contextual signals. So your keyword ends up being rewritten. Again, this doesn’t make the keyword itself obsolete, but rather smarter and more intuitive.

Our takeaway here is that keywords aren’t dead, but Google’s way of interpreting them is.

Spoken not just written keywords

Are you one of the many people who prefer to talk to Google rather than type? Sure, voice search has impacted how keyword research is dealt with, but it’s certainly not killed it! We’ve become a lot more conversational and specific in our requests. Whereas we might previously have barked an instruction at Google, for example, “Henry VIII wives,” we’re more likely to be more precise and ask, “Who was Henry VIII’s third wife?” This can pose challenges for SEO professionals but not insurmountable ones. You see, Google now understands “context,” so the string of keywords is important.

Our takeaway here is that keywords aren’t dead, but that typing as our only way to search is


Keywords are very much alive and kicking and should form an integral part of your SEO strategy. Think of them if you like as clues, personas even. Having the right primary keyword for your business will help you to capture the relevant audience.

If it feels like the right time for your business to hire a Wix SEO expert, then get in touch with us today.

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