Wix Meetup Paris SEO Recap - Sept 2019

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How to rank a Wix Website?

At last weeks Wix Meetup in Paris, things kicked off with Idan Segal head of Organic Acquisition Leads at Wix, giving us a great overview of Wix Platforms SEO capabilities as well as the strategy he would recommend to get the most out of your Wix website.

The agenda for the Meetup was as follows:


Wix Ascend

Wix Editor - New Features

Wix Corvid

My main interest was the Wix SEO and I wanted to highlight this for everyone who could not attend. I was able to take pictures of as many slides as possible and will dissect them all below with the key points raised. (I was not able to get them all unfortunately but hope this helps.)

As the talk took place in Paris, France, and as they're current football World Cup holders - the comparison of your SEO strategy needing to be like N'golo Kante (they're tireless, workhorse in the midfielder) was very fitting.

Why 'You Must be Kante'

Idan recommends 'To really win with SEO, you MUST do the little things, go the extra mile that your competitors won't go. Work hard.'

Work hard!

I totally agree, and when he says 'competitors' we're talking Google page 1 competitors for your keyword phrases, it may not be your direct competition but the competition for that all important space on page 1.

At Wix SEO Experts we can provide you your own SEO strategy, taking care of the monthly ongoing continuous bespoke content creations and distribution for you, click here to find out more.

Wix Platforms SEO capabilities?

Wix reassured its users that the platform has all the tools needed for your websites to compete with any other platforms world wide.

Wix Vs Wordpress

Wix actually outranks Wordpress for the phrase 'create a blog'. For a competitive keyword, and the fact Wordpress is known as the go-to blogging platform - this is small moral victory for Wix!

New features to keep up to Googles latest standard

Wix recently tested and successfully implemented Googles news FAQ's Schema.

The FAQ's schema allows your FAQ's page result to take up more valuable space and stand out on the SERP's.

Wix's recommended SEO Strategy

1. Research, Strategy, Implementation

2. Killer Content, Freshness, Promotion

3. Branding, Outreach, Relevancy

4. Monitoring, Data Driven Action Items

5. Evolving, Google is, so We're Keeping up the Pace

if you are consistently doing the above you will rank on Google. The question is, do you have the time and resources to dedicate to your SEO? If not the time, do you have the budget? If organic SEO is a viable and the ideal funnel for your business then why not leave this to the Wix SEO Experts to take care of for you.

Tools to get found on Google

The main SEO tools and websites to look at are:




Answer the Public

Keywords Everywhere

These tools basically give you data on keyword phrases, search volume, competition levels and alternative phrases you may want to look to add to support semantically.

You Must be a Kante!

As you can see SEO is not magic, and is not just something you do once and that's it! Wix websites give you the platform but ongoing monthly SEO activity is still needed, we recommend your website has an 'SEO Gym Membership' - this is where are our experienced team of copywriters create bespoke keyword enriched blogs and we distribute these across respected platforms and social media for you!

I hope this was helpful for anyone unable to attend the event. For more information on SEO checkout

We look forward to hearing from you!

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