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How visible currently is your brand to potential customers? Have you effectively nailed down your local SEO strategy? If not, then you are missing an opportunity for new customers to find you when they perform searches on their smartphones or desktop.

Local SEO isn’t some mysterious enigma! As a Wix SEO expert, we can guide you through the process and help you tailor your existing strategy to ensure your local SEO efforts aren’t wasted. There’s also a tonne of useful information in our comprehensive and cost-effective Wix SEO course that will quickly get you up and running.

We thought that you might find this local SEO checklist useful for future reference. You must ensure that your business is ticking all the right boxes when it comes to being seen in the SERP’s.

Technical website criteria

What applies to traditional SEO is also relevant for your local strategy. Your business website must be indexable, well-structured, multi-device compliant, error-free, and also optimised adequately if you are to stand any chance of success.

As a Wix SEO expert, we also highly recommend that you feature the following:

Contact Us page with complete address details and phone number for any locations that you have.

  1. Your phone number in a prominent and highly visible location which should also be clickable on mobile devices.

  2. Consistent and standardised NAP information (name, address and phone number)

  3. Location pages linked to from a high-level navigation menu.

  4. If you’re worried about getting it right, speak to the experts. It’s what we’re here for. It’s also super important that you get not just your basic information correct but also your local content too.

The importance of local content

We all know that content is essential to any SEO strategy. Still, you need to be careful that you’re not tripping yourself up by producing thinly produced or material that has been overtly duplicated.

We’ve put together our quick checklist of the most common content mistakes to avoid so that you can increase the impact and success of your local SEO strategy.

  • Never copy content from other websites, even authorities within a sector, without properly attributing the source.

  • Wherever possible, you should be producing unique, not lazily spun content.

  • If you do offer similar services and products at different locations, try and make each location page unique so that you’re still creating high-quality content pages.

  • Fewer “strong” pages are preferable to multiple very “thin” or duplicate content ones.

If you’re struggling to come up with creative ways to produce unique user-friendly and search-friendly content for your website, why not consider adding more of the following:

  • Unique customer testimonials

  • Add an on-site blog with a library of fresh content

  • Upload and tag images and videos; these are all seen as content too

  • Include bios of team members

If you’re worried that all sounds like a lot of work and you don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself, why not speak to a Wix SEO expert today. We’re full of creative ideas to help you maximise the potential of your website.

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