Wix SEO Case Studies

Case study #3: PEWTA

Quick Overview

  • Target Location: London

  • Number of pages: 20+

  • Time from top 100 to page 1: 3 months

  • Clients Feedback: ★★★★★

The background:

Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun Association (PEWTA) is a wing tsun martial arts school. The Association was formed in 2018 when several individual schools in London - each with their own website - decided to unite and create one organization.

With that merger, they contacted Jordan to build a new umbrella website to match. Part of that process was redirecting all of the old URLs to the new address, in a way that passed on the historical SEO value of the old domains.

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The challenge:


Establishing an online presence for an association that didn’t exist before.

The results:


The first stage is already a success. Between his on-site optimization and submitting the business to relevant listings and directories, Jordan’s client is dominating page one for their brand, ‘Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun.’

There’s good news coming out of the second stage, as well. The Association is ranking in position three for ‘Wing Tsun in London.’


Because a lot of the websites listed above it have been around for longer, they have the added benefit of authority over time. But that’s something that the recently-launched PEWTA site will soon come to rival.


  • ‘Phoenix Eye Wing Tsun’ was at position 1.

  • ‘Wing Tsun London’ was at position 2.

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