SEO Membership

Gym membership for your website!

Month on month fresh, bespoke content created and strategically distributed for you!

Plans for all budgets

No contract - Just 30 day cancellation policy


1 SEO Blog

1 SEO Video

£180 / month


2 SEO Blogs

2 SEO Videos

£240 / month

3 SEO Blogs

3 SEO Videos

£360 / month

All plans include strategic distribution across all of the your platforms below:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn - Grey Circle



Why do I need SEO Blogs created?

Fresh, Active, Regular, Relevant

Google loves seeing websites that are consistently posting keyword enriched content. Search engines don’t want to list outdated, irrelevant webpages for their users.

Strategically Keyword Enriched

Google looks for long tail keywords, so common questions or frequently searched queries. But it's not 1998 you cannot just cram keywords in to blogs and expect to rank.

Shared to Social Media

Google has started to return results for social media posts. Linking your blog to your social media accounts can offer another opportunity to be found by search engines when your audience is seeking out your company.

Why do I need SEO Videos?

More Reach


YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world (..and it belongs to Google)


YouTube Authority


As mentioned the aim of SEO is to appear relevant to Google, there's not better way than to use their own platform to show activity.


Videos Ranking


Google is now pulling through Youtube videos through to Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)


If your keyword is displaying videos on SERPS this can be a quick an easy way for your business to appear on page 1.

SEO Blogs Are For Google


They are designed to impress Google and not convert your clients / customers. 



SEO activity is like going to the gym, you cannot expect to see results by going once or twice a year, it's about consistently being active with high quality bespoke content.

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