Partner with us and get cash rewards upfront and annually - for life!

With our 

 Lifetime Referral Programme!

£100 per successful lead*

£100 every 12 months for the lifetime the client stays

For example, you introduce 10 clients who take up our services - you get £1,000 upfront and £1,000 per year they remain a client of ours!

Our mission is to help businesses to be visible to their ideal customers through online search engines.

To provide you with an

SEO string to your bow!

We are your SEO Partners!


We have created flawless SEO processes from keyword research right through to ongoing monthly SEO activity - that give your clients visibility!

Organic SEO success is like going to the gym,

It takes months of consistent activity to get gains!

Let us take care of the heavy lifting and keep your clients happy for you!

SEO 'Gym' Membership


SEO actvity needs to be happening month on month, use the example of going to the gym - just signing up to be a member doesn't give you a six pack.

You have to consistently work on it, over a period of time to get the results you desire. Results are not instant and if you workout the wrong way you could end up hurting yourself rather than improving, same as SEO!

Don't have time to be creating bespoke content for all your clients every month?

Want to focus on designing new websites? Or your clients PPC Campaign or Social Media?


We can take care of  all things SEO from the keyword research, competition analysis, onsite optimisations SEO blogging, distribution across social media channels and advanced monthly keyword tracking & reporting.


Starting £120 

per month


We take care of:

Keyword Research

We find the best keyword phrase to give most traffic

Competition Analysis

We research your top 3 competitors on Google and create plan to compete

Onsite SEO

homepage & target page 

optimisation (28 point checklist)

keyword enriched

SEO blogs

created and distributed on your social media channels

Website performance & Keyword rank reports


Latest updates from Google applied to your website and future trends

Guidance and direction on growing your business online


Guidance on how to get

5 star Google reviews

What Our Partners Say


"I highly recommend referring your clients to Wix SEO Expert Partners, my social media clients have benefited massively, with new found visibility through organic Google traffic, bringing them more business. It has helped my clients continue to grow during difficult times and kept them investing in my social media services. Clients are happy, I'm happy! It's a win win."

Dominic Haslam Social Media Marketing


Refer us to your client!

We'll then conduct a video consultation with them.


To discuss:

- Business Overview 

- How we can help your client.

- Discuss best solution for them.

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