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Wix vs Wordpress

If you put this search into Google you will find 1,000's of results of opinions on which platform is better for SEO.

Fundamentally - No website platform is perfect and how you optimise the website to impress Google is priority.

No matter which platform you use, the website that provides the most relevancy to Googles users will rank highest.

This is done through:

High quality content - unique content to you not copied or duplicated from elsewhere on the internet. Well written and insightful, not just keyword phrases.

User experience - good session duration, low bounce rates and high click through are important. Amateur designers create poor user experience. Always compare your website to your main competition, if yours looks 'cheap' or 'amateur' then your users will think that too and leave.

Speed - making sure your website is quick to load and the importance information is easy to access. Don't get caught up in fancy animations or heavy video content that will take an age to load...as users would have left before it has even loaded. 

An experience SEO consultant can help you to achieve this or sign up for our Wix SEO Made Easy Course that can push your Wix website to the next level.

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Do not panic if any of the above sounds like jargon, as my WIX SEO Made Simple course explains how to utilise these to the fullest and more.

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"...within less than 6 months provided us enquiries worth 10 times our initial investment."

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